The Gagliardi Family: Stopping The Silent Killer

Outcomes for ovarian and endometrial cancers have not changed in over 30 years. Due to a lack of symptoms, nearly 75% of these cancers are diagnosed late, when they have spread outside the pelvis. Only 10-30% of women survive. To ensure more women are diagnosed with these silent killers early, the Gagliardi Family is fundraising to support the work of Dr. Lucy Gilbert, whose DOvEEgene test can detect ovarian and endometrial cancers long before they become deadly.

The family is fundraising in honour of Nancy Gagliardi, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer that has spread to her lungs. Despite frequent visits to hospital for various ailments, the cancer was diagnosed in a late stage. All funds are helping support the final clinical trial of the lifesaving DOvEEgene test to prevent stories like Nancy’s. 

The Gagliardi family has raised over $53,000 of their $60,000 goal. Mondo Payments generously matched the first $25,000 in donations.

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